SCRIPT-NC Webinar: Early Literacy for All!

April 2020
This webinar focuses on strategies to help adult learners support the foundations of early literacy development for young children who are diverse in cultures, languages, and abilities. This webinar will share current readings, handouts, engaging activities, and effective assignments for adult learners to grow their early literacy related background knowledge and effective practice implementation skills. All activities are adapted for ONLINE teaching.

Resource Type: 

  • Handouts/Tipsheets
  • Video
  • Print
  • Webinar


  • Instruction
  • Literacy
  • Early Intervention
  • Embedded interventions
  • Planning and Facilitation Tools
  • Inclusion

Types of Diversity: 

  • Children with Disabilities
  • Children and Families who are Culturally, Racially, and Ethnically Diverse
  • Children who are Dual Language Learners

NC Community College Core Course: 

  • Language and Literacy Experiences
  • Child Development and Learning