Natural Resources: Free resources for using children’s books to support identity, equity, and inclusion

August 2021
In 1990, Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop published an essay about the importance of providing young readers with diverse books that reflect the “multicultural nature of the world” in which we live. In the essay, Dr. Bishop coined the phrase “Windows, Mirrors and Sliding Glass Doors” to explain how children see themselves in books and how they can also learn about the lives of others through literature. Dr. Bishop makes the point that it’s crucial for children to view themselves in the books they read. Here are resources for learning more about Dr. Bishop and how she has influenced the early childhood field

Resource Type: 

  • Handouts/Tipsheets
  • Print


  • Interaction
  • Social-emotional development
  • Literacy
  • STEM

Types of Diversity: 

  • Children with Disabilities
  • Children and Families who are Culturally, Racially, and Ethnically Diverse
  • Children who are Dual Language Learners

NC Community College Core Course: 

  • Introduction to Early Childhood
  • Children with Exceptionalities
  • Child, Family, and Community
  • Child Guidance
  • Health, Safety, and Nutrition
  • Language and Literacy Experiences