A Guide to Teaching Practices

This publication highlights six evidence-based teaching practices that may be used by adults (e.g., family members, practitioners) or, in some instances, by other children, to help facilitate children’s participation in everyday routines, learning experiences, and activities. Each practice (e.g., scaffolding, modeling) is summarized and examples of how to use the practice are provided in English and Spanish. Using these strategies engages children in activities, maintains their interest, and provides opportunities for them to learn concepts and thinking skills that support learning when using adaptations.

Resource Type: 

  • Website
  • Handouts/Tipsheets


  • Progress Monitoring
  • Interaction
  • Social-emotional development
  • Instruction
  • Planning and Facilitation Tools
  • Inclusion

Types of Diversity: 

  • Children who are Dual Language Learners

NC Community College Core Course: 

  • Language and Literacy Experiences
  • Child Development and Learning