2023 Inclusion Institute: Options for Early Childhood Faculty and Professional Development Providers

SCRIPT-NC has organized a series of sessions at the 2023 Inclusion Institute for faculty and professional development leaders. A preconference session and offerings in each time slot will focus on innovative methods, models, and materials for increasing the emphasis on inclusion in courses and other PD efforts. National experts will facilitate each session and will emphasize practice-based approaches to activities, assignments, and instructional practices. You may find all the resources for the sessions on our Google drive folder that will be continuously updated and currently being checked to ensure all documents provided to us are accessible. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

What Description

Pre-Institute Workshop: Preparing Educators Who Can Foster Inclusion: Building a Repertoire of Effective Practices Across College Courses and Ongoing Professional Development


What might it be like for students to consider evidence-based practices that support inclusion in every course? This session will focus on ways in which to build the capacity for early childhood educators to recognize, create, implement, and evaluate inclusive environments and interactions for young children that support the full participation of each and every child. Presenters will share examples of how to bring an inclusive lens to any course or professional development through readings, conversations, and applications.

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Keynote Address 



Keynote speaker: Sadia Batool  

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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

What Description
Authentic Perspectives: The Power of Family Voices             



This session will offer effective examples for engaging, preparing, and supporting family members to play a variety of roles in preservice education and inservice training. Participants will also discover new resources, hear about makeovers of activities and assignments, and learn about ways to increase the diversity of family perspectives in any course or PD opportunity.

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Inclusion 2.0: Diversity, Equity, AND Inclusion

This “how to” session will provide faculty and other professional development providers with ways to make course and PD materials, activities, assignments, and field experiences explicit in how they support the acquisition, practice, and application of new capabilities to support each and every child.

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Building the Capacity of Future Educators to Individualize

This session will describe and demonstrate resources and professional development activities for building educators’ competence and confidence in individualizing for all children. Emphasis will be placed on using evidence-based inclusive practices related to cultivating playful STEM and language-rich learning experiences.

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Becoming and Producing Inclusive, Equitable Consumers and Thinkers

This session will provide an overview of intersectionality of race and (dis)ability and the implications of implicit bias in early childhood. Presenters will share strategies for PD providers and faculty to use to address biases and challenge deficit-based assumptions that limit the practice of meaningful inclusion. Emphasis will be place on ways to positively impact all children and allow all children to develop a positive sense of belonging and identity.

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Thursday, May 18, 2023

What Description
Higher Ed-Preschool Collaboration: Making High Quality Inclusion Work in Practice

Join this session to discover how faculty and preschool leaders in a school district can work together to support the shared understanding and use of effective and evidence-based practices. Come for the great free resources; stay for some innovative ideas for how to use them.

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